A New School

Atencingo«« The Town ««

The little town of Atencingo is home to one of the most beautiful populations in all of Mexico. The culture is rich with hospitality and the people are alive with charisma. Growing up in a town full of hope and smiles is the reason that I have decided to begin this fundraiser.

 I hope, through faith and an open heart, that I will be able to shed light on the broken families that result from this perilous journey. This Walk, for some parents in Atencingo, is a never-ending struggle that they must live with for the rest of their lives. Parents and children are broken apart, sisters and brothers are torn away, the thought of dreams and hope stretch on for years.

 This struggle is one that many families endure every day. The parents and children of Latin American communities struggle and always are searching for resources and opportunity. As I venture on this journey, I hope that you all can learn more about the beauties of my community. I hope that I can share with you the music of these people, the life along these streets, and the very essence of existence within Atencingo.


«« The Kids ««

The children of General Emiliano Zapata come from the most adverse environments and are always enduring struggles that most others could not. Still, these street kids roam the town with energy at all hours of the day, from sun break to sun rest.

These are the children that we want to help, the ones that need resources to live and search for opportunity. I know that through our efforts we can change their lives.

Families in Atencingo are many times divided when a mother or father chooses to immigrate into the United States. They leave their town with the dream of one day being able to bring back opportunities for their child. It is sad to know that this act of love has severe consequences. These children live half-lives, one with hope and the other with sadness and fear. Still, smiles fill the faces of such innocent children and an aura of purity overwhelms anyone near by.

Looking into the eyes of this young girl awakened me to the realities of life. This is the face of hope, a face that I will never forget.


«« The School ««

It is beautiful to observe students determined and encouraged to pursue their thirst for knowledge despite the many adversities that they continue to face. Having to live a simple life in which necessities such as electricity and medication are scare resources provides a reassurance in our youth.

The school of General Emiliano Zapata is one of the many schools that choose to continue their educational curriculum with the limited use of resources and supplies. Although the school does have electricity, they limit its usage to an affordable amount in which light during the day is not an option.

The school of General Emiliano Zapata fully depends on the hard work of their professors.